Tropical effluvia

Do you want to try a different rum?

Following our philosophy of offering original flavors, we began the testing phase of our rum preparing different recipes at the end of 2019 and it was after nine months, after a score of recipes and combinations, that we achieved the special flavor we were looking for.

In our distillery we only work with natural ingredients and the best raw materials, our Bahia rum is made with high-quality alcohol from cane sugar that we re-distil in our Ulrich Kothe alembic along with some ingredients that give it a special touch. We let the resulting white rum mature in contact with oak wood. It is important to note that its toasted color is natural since we do not use caramel, coloring, or sugar, that is why our rum is less sweet than other industrial rums, a fact that translates into a cleaner and more authentic flavor.

The result is an aged rum with a graduation of 42º with toasted aromas and notes of vanilla and coconut that can be drunk pure as it is a highly delicate distillate that passes smoothly on the throat. It combines especially well with cola, giving the classic rum-cola a new dimension. It is also imposed in the mojito cocktail where mint and lime are usually the protagonists.