A rural distillery

Old school style

Hello! My name is David Fajardo and, together with my wife, Susana Cáceres, we established our small Pareis distillery in August 2017 after a lot of hard work, plenty of nerves and many sleepless nights.
We both are from Mallorca and we were born in the early 80's. We had had other jobs not connected to the world of spirits and liqueurs, but we underwent two years of training on the subject and after 2 more years we succeeded in opening our own distillery.

The name we chose for our company comes from "Torrent de Pareis", a wonderful place in the Sa Calobra region in Mallorca. It is a small cove framed by two great walls belonging to the Tramuntana mountain range. We liked the idea of playing with the concept of something purely Mediterranean, but at the same time smaller and more special.

We are based in Llubí, a small town with a long tradition of making spirits and liqueurs. Five operating stills coexisted in this town towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. These were family companies which made the most popular spirits and liqueurs at the time: herb liqueur and palo liqueur (traditional of Mallorca), rum and anisette.
In addition to sharing the same town, we also follow a production method which is very similar to that used by our predecessors. Our gins are distilled in a copper still only using natural ingredients, and the bottling, labelling and sealing processes are carried out by hand.
Thus, we could say that we are a young company using old-school methods.

We manufacture our gins in small batches, of a maximum of 200 litres. We do everything at a small scale, and even our business premises are of quite a modest size. But this place also has its own history: since the 1950's it has been used as an ironmongery, a mechanics workshop and a smith house. We installed our still in the same place which the forge -where the iron was heated in order to be subsequently shaped- used to occupy.

Mercant was our first gin and we started selling it 9 months after beginning our business activity. During that time we tried different recipes, ingredients and proportions; we were looking for a gin with a strong personality, something different from the classic gin. I guess that that way of thinking has now become our motto: we try to stand out, taking risks regarding the flavour and also the presentation of our products.

We are well aware that we depend on our clients. If you are one of them and you like our products, please, recommend them to your friends and family, and if you are in Mallorca you can order them at your usual bar.

Thank you so much

We will keep on working! Cheers!