Spring in a bottle

Super fresh!

Mascori is a super fresh and aromatic gin made using Mallorcan lemons, juniper and citric spices. It is characterised by its delicate fruity aroma with floral notes.
We make it following the London style, all ingredients are natural and they are distilled only once in order to produce our gin. No artificial flavours are added to the final product.
Those who appreciate natural ingredients will notice the distinctive aroma of natural lemon in our gin, but also other fruity and spicy notes which enhance its personality and which are difficult to identify because of the secret ingredients we use to make our Mascori gin.

The gin and tonic cocktail using Mascori gin is distinctly refreshing and, even though it has an alcohol content of 42% ABV, this is a really mild gin thanks to its low-pressure distillation process which enhances the aroma and softens the taste of alcohol.
In order to mix a gin and tonic drink we recommend keeping the ingredients to a minimum in order not to impair the delicate flavour of our gin: just pour 5cl of gin and 20 cl of a good and cold neutral tonic water over 3 ice cubes in a balloon glass or another wide glass.
For those who consider themselves "gin purists", Mascori is also a gin that can be drunk neat, thanks to its fine and delicate flavour.

In respect of the production process, firstly the different natural botanicals are macerated in neutral alcohol of agricultural origin. After a few days, the mixture is fed into a copper and stainless steel still in order to begin the distillation process.
The whole production process is carried out according to the traditional methods and in amounts limited to a maximum of 200 litres per distillation.
The bottle filling, the capping, the sealing and the labelling processes are carried out manually.

Our Mascori gin received the following awards in 2020 and we are over the moon!
Gold medal at the Concours International de Lyon
Gold medal at the Catavinum world Spirits Competition